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About Us

Deicers Direct To Your Doorstep

Deicer Direct is a company that focuses on delivering quality effective deicing products directly to your doorstep, so that you can be safe and secure this winter season. We supply products from quality manufacturers who have had a proven track record for many years, so you can be count on our product meeting your tough winter needs. If you know the product you need, please fill in our no-obligation Request A Quote Form. Deicer Direct can supply you with all your deicing needs, large or small.

What we offer?

1. ONLINE Distributor - with low overhead cost so that we can give you competitive pricing, free shipping, drop ship services* or product pick up from Coast to Coast. (*Free shipping/ drop ship services by full truckload order)

2. Free Consultation and Quote - no obligation to purchase, our sales expert will help you to determine the safest products in the market, for your ice-melter needs and budget. (let us know your needs either for pets, environment, pavement, property and etc)

3. Stock Guaranteed - for the best-selling Ice-melter products.

We make the shipping process as easy and streamline as possible. Simply give us your delivery address and we will arrange the product to arrive direct to your doorstep. All we need to know is a little information about the delivery point. What is the type of location: a business, a residence, school or government or other? Do you have a regular delivery warehouse dock or is the delivery ground level? Do you require the delivery truck to have a power tailgate, or other special delivery requirements?

If you should have your own trucks and want to pickup the product from one of our many pickup locations, just let us know. We can make arrangements for that also and let you know the closest pickup location near you.

Deicer Direct is here to support our customers every step of the way, making the purchasing process as easy as possible. You can be assured that our quality products arrive at your location in perfect condition, as quickly and efficiently as possible. We know your time is valuable, so we take the stress out of the process, allowing you to spend time on other matters more important.